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Countdown Competition Review 2017

Countdown Competition Review 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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Accidental Dance Mom

Organize your Dance Bag with ease using our Free Costume Label Template!!
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  1. Time of Change and for Enjoying the Moment
    28 Jun, 2017
    Time of Change and for Enjoying the Moment
    Recital has now come and gone, School is out, and Nationals will soon be upon us.  With them comes the inevitability of change. The end of the season is always a time of mixed emotions for our dancers. The excitement from the culmination of months of hard work. The thrill from performing on the stage. The warmth of camaraderie. The hope of moving up next season. The sadness of dancing with a friend for the last time. The loss of a dear teacher who is moving. This year is a big one for loss and
  2. Summer Aproaches
    05 Jun, 2017
    Summer Aproaches
    Sorry – it has been a while since I posted. Honestly, life just got in the way as it sometimes does. The few times I had the time to spare I could not finish a single blog. I would start writing and suddenly I would be on a completely unrelated topic. The brain can only function so well without the proper amount of health and sleep. Bottom line was I had to just walk away with nothing post worthy. I am hoping to stay healthy and on track to keep the posts rolling out. As the competition dance
  3. StarQuest Compeition Review
    16 May, 2017
    StarQuest Compeition Review
    We recently attended our final regional competition of the season at StarQuest. It was our fourth year attending StarQuest. What a night and day difference from our last competition. Wow! The staff was friendly and professional. The competition ran smoothly and stayed mostly on schedule or ahead of schedule. The awards ceremonies were quick. The photos from King Shots were excellent as usual. We had two long days in which we were there from open to close. Honestly it was so well run; it was
  4. Revolution Talent Competition Experience
    24 Apr, 2017
    Revolution Talent Competition Experience
    So, I planned to post a review yesterday but I decided to sleep on it.  I feel it is important to be honest about my experience and yet I want to provide both the good aspects and the bad. So in the end I decided not review this competition just to share my experiences and let you be the judge. This competition is often held in two locations in our area on the same weekend. No big surprise there. A mere six days before the competition we learned it would be held in a different town and high
  5. One Crafty Dance Mom - Origami Dance Costume
    15 Apr, 2017
    One Crafty Dance Mom - Origami Dance Costume
    So, what does a crazy busy dance mom do in her spare time? (Spare time, HA!!) Craft of course. I can only spend so many hours of so many days absorbed in the world of dance but even my relaxing time often becomes about dance. Well I enjoy making things and I like to be able to share the things I make. So at Christmas I decided I wanted to make something for all of the dancers on the studio dance team. So I decided to make origami dance costumes that could be used as ornaments.   I like origami
  6. Time to Heal
    28 Mar, 2017
    Time to Heal
    All of life is lived in stages. We are lucky enough to have children that live to be on a stage.  When they are unable to perform, it is devastating. Not just to them but also to us. It is hard to explain or understand if you are not a parent. To say we feel their pain and disappointment is an understatement. Dancers are their art. Dance could be compared to first love. To see your child have to give up dance is like watching their first heart break. There are many reasons that may prevent them
  7. Bun Making - No Oven Required!
    03 Mar, 2017
    Bun Making - No Oven Required!
    Three types of dance buns and how to make them. Classic Twist Bun Donut Bun Cinnamon Bun Not sure why they all have to sound so tasty. I am a bit OCD so it drives me crazy at a performance when every dancer has a different type of bun in a different location. However , a high bun is not much to go on. I am confident if we gathered five random dance moms in a room and said give your dancer a high bun we would end up with five different buns. I would much prefer a rigid requirement. Please tell
  8. Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel Review
    02 Mar, 2017
    Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel Review
    Here is my review of the Gel we use, our bun making “Happy Accident”. Eco Styler Olive Oil or Argan Oil Styling Gel By Ecoco Size: 32 oz. Price: $5.19 As you may or may not know a good hair gel is essential for a competitive dancer. I personally hate the feeling of gel on my hands and the smells of some of them drive me crazy. Not as crazy as watching a beautiful dance and hearing the judges comment on “whispies”. Really let’s focus people. Ok, Ok, back to work! I hate gel, never use it
  9. The Right Ingredients Make the Bun
    23 Feb, 2017
    The Right Ingredients Make the Bun
    Today we will discuss bun making ingredients. Not the delicious honey bun you had with this morning’s coffee. No dance buns.  It seems most studios require their dancers to wear buns at least to ballet. Many studios also require buns for their competition dances. So how does one go about making a dance bun and what supplies are needed? Ingredients for One Perfect Bun One Brush One Comb 3 to 4 Dozen Bobby Pins 2 to 4 Hair Bands 1 Hairnet 1 Donut (optional) Liberal amounts of Hair Gel Copious
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